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Porcelain Dental Veneers
It’s not a secret that cosmetic dentistry is a popular branch of dentistry these days.  Due to all of the advancements that have been made in materials and techniques in recent years, patients have more options for enhancing the look of their smiles than you may have thought possible. If you are looking for a cosmetic dentistry solution that can address the widest range of dental flaws, you have come to the right place. Also referred to as laminates, porcelain veneers are a revolutionary way to create that movie-star smile you’ve always wanted.

What is it?
Very thin, tooth-colored porcelain shells are custom made to mask the visible parts of your teeth, creating a flawless appearance. Porcelain is the perfect material to mimic your natural tooth enamel-it reflects light in much the same way and can be tinted to match any shade. Because they create a whole new tooth surface, they are versatile in their applications. Here are some of the common reasons that dental patients choose laminates:

  • stains on the teeth that don’t respond to teeth whitening treatments
  • chipped teeth
  • large gaps between teeth
  • “pegged” or otherwise misshapen teeth
  • crooked teeth that do not need to be addressed through tooth straightening treatments
  • certain types of misalignments
  • to repair teeth that have been worn down with use

Some additional benefits:

  • can improve self-esteem
  • makes a better first impression
  • biocompatible material
  • stain resistant
  • ease of care

Is It Right For Me?

Like any medical or dental procedure, porcelain dental laminates are not right for every patient’s needs. To determine if your dental cosmetic needs and condition make you a good candidate for this procedure, a consultation with a qualified dentist such as Dr. Mark Gleckner at Smiles by Dr. Mark is required.

Consultation: A thorough examination of your teeth and oral structures will be conducted to evaluate your overall oral health and the condition of the teeth that you would like fixed. At this time, we will discuss the steps required and encourage you to ask any questions you have about any part of the procedure. If Dr. Mark determines that you are a good candidate for this treatment, a few more appointments are required to carry it out.

Preparation: The first step is to prepare your tooth or teeth for the eventual bonding of the final porcelain dental work. This is done by removing a tiny bit of the tooth’s enamel to make room for the new tooth surface. Most patients report that this part of the procedure is painless, though some patients prefer to have local anesthesia administered at this time. When the tooth has been prepared, photographs, x-rays, and impression molds may be taken to be used in the preparation of the porcelain in order to get a perfect custom fit. You will be fitted with temporaries until your permanent veneers are ready.

Fabrication:The porcelain shells that will be bonded to your teeth will be created at a dental laboratory using the shade of tooth-colored porcelain that you’ve chosen. This process usually takes about two weeks. When they are ready, you will have your appointment for the bonding.

Bonding:  The last step is bonding these shells to the teeth. First, the temporaries are removed and we do a test fitting to make sure the fit of the veneers is perfect, then carry out the permanent bonding to the tooth’s surface. When this is completed, you will be ready to flash that gorgeous new smile at the world.

Care and Maintenance: One of the great things about porcelain in dentistry is the ease of care. Maintaining your usual oral hygiene practices, as well as keeping your regularly scheduled appointments for checkups and cleanings is really all that is required. Porcelain is stain resistant, and is not susceptible to decay. These characteristics contribute to its popularity. Keep in mind, however, that porcelain is still a breakable substance and we caution you against such habits that could damage it such as biting the nails, chewing ice or your pencil, or using your teeth as a tool. If you follow these simple suggestions, your veneers can last you a decade or longer.

Renewing Your Smile Is A Reality!
Improving your teeth can give you a new outlook on life. Why wait? If you’re looking for porcelain dental veneers in Florham Park, New Jersey, call us today at (973) 377-1174 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark Gleckner. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve the most beautiful and healthy mouth possible. Our greatest accomplishment is seeing our patients smile!