Pediatric Dentistry

Dentistry for Children in Florham Park, New Jersey

Pediatric Dentistry
Dentistry that focuses on the needs of children from infancy through the teenage years is called pediatric dentistry. Working with young patients can present a special set of challenges for dentists. Catering to the needs of childhood is serious business, but has to be handled with a light touch. Your child’s lifelong dental health depends on developing good oral hygiene habits, including regular cleanings and checkups. We want to help you instill those habits at a young age by providing a fun, relaxed, and welcoming atmosphere for your child.

Prevention and Education
Because it’s easier to prevent dental problems before they arise than it is to repair them, we focus on prevention and education for our all of our patients. This practice becomes especially important when dealing with children. Here are some procedures that we use primarily with pediatric patients (though adults can take advantage of most of them too):

  • fluoride treatment–this mineral strengthens the teeth’s enamel, helping prevent tooth decay. This can be done at your child’s cleaning and checkup appointment.
  • sealants-for patients who have a hard time properly cleaning the back teeth (molars), we have sealants that shield the teeth from bacteria. Sealants also create a smoother surface than the natural tooth, making cleaning easier. Sealants are also easy to apply during a regular visit with us.
  • diet and nutrition education–helping children learn to make good dietary choices is important. Not only do we need to teach them that certain types of foods can promote tooth decay, we recognize that a healthy diet is essential for growing healthy teeth.
  • good hygiene habits-brushing and flossing your teeth are essential for good oral health, but not if you’re doing them incorrectly! We will show you and your child the most effective ways to take care of their teeth.
  • early assessment of improper bite-if there are issues with misalignment that can benefit from early treatment, a pediatric dentist will be able to spot it. We also carry several tooth alignment systems that can help correct a crooked smile early on.

FAQs about pediatric dentistry

  • Why should I worry about baby teeth? Isn’t my child going to lose them eventually anyway? There are a few reasons to take care of your child’s teeth, even though they will eventually be lost. The development of speech is one reason that proper dental structure is important. Another reason is the future spacing of your child’s permanent teeth when they develop. If a primary (baby) tooth is lost before the permanent tooth is ready to emerge, the space should be maintained so there is no crowding later on. Of course is it is best to avoid tooth loss entirely.
  • When should I schedule my child’s first visit? Ideally, a child should start seeing the dentist when the first tooth appears, at least by the first birthday. Decay can happen whenever teeth have erupted. The best way to prevent this is to visit the dentist and to maintain a routine of oral hygiene from the very beginning. Early, frequent visits to the dentist also help instill good lifelong dental care habits.
  • What should I do to prepare for my child’s first dental visit? If you have any questions about what will happen at the first visit, please feel free to ask us before you bring your child to us! We want you and your children to be comfortable, and we always want our young patients to enjoy their time with us. If there is anything we can do to make your child’s dental appointment better, please let us know. We understand the special responsibility we have in caring for the youngest patients.
  • How often should my child see the dentist? For most children, a cleaning and checkup visit every six months is sufficient for us to make sure your child’s teeth are developing normally and avoid problems with tooth decay. Of course, we will alert you to any conditions that would require more frequent visits to our office.

We Value Your Trust

We know that it means a great deal for you to entrust someone with your child’s health and well-being. Don’t be fooled by the light-hearted environment that we maintain here at Smiles by Dr. Mark; we take this responsibility very seriously. We treat each patient like we would our own families. We want every patient who visits us to feel safe and comfortable while they are with us, regardless of their age. Call us at (973) 377-1174 to find out why we were voted best kid’s dentist in Florham Park, New Jersey.