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Botox Treatment

For a long time, dentistry was only concerned with the health of the teeth. While many patients were lucky to sport perfectly healthy teeth, they were unsatisfied with the overall appearance of their smile. Fortunately, cosmetic dental treatment allows you to achieve the healthiest and best-looking smile of your life. Dental Botox is a cosmetic and restorative treatment that can create a youthful smile, relieve pain from muscular conditions or alleviate drooling problems. If you are looking for Botox therapy in Florham Park, NJ, visit us at Dr. Mark Gleckner’s dental practice.

What is Botox?

“Botox” ( Botulinum Toxin ) is a drug derived from a toxin that is made by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. This drug stops nerve activity in muscles, causing a temporary “paralysis” of the muscle. Medically, Botox is extremely effective in treating muscular conditions. However, most people associate this drug with its cosmetic purpose- to smooth out wrinkles in and around the face.

Why Trust a Dentist to Administer Botox?

While the use of Botox in dentistry is a fairly recent development, it is only logical that dentists are extremely skilled at and knowledgeable about this procedure. Dentists are well educated on the muscles and aesthetics of the face. Therefore, whether botox is used cosmetically or to treat a muscular condition, a trained dentist will be able to control for the perfect result of the drug.

How is Botox Used in Dentistry?

Botox can be used in dentistry in several ways. Because the drug relaxes the muscle it is injected into, this procedure can be effective in various forms. One way that Dr. Gleckner uses botox in Florham Park, NJ is to relax the muscles surrounding the jaw. Injecting this drug into the jaw area effectively relaxes the muscles that are responsible for clenching or grinding the teeth. This can also help to relieve the symptoms of TMJ disorder.

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint and TMJ disorder refers to any pain associated with that joint. If the pain is caused by tight muscles around the jaw area or by bruxism, administering botox can temporarily relax the muscles and ease the pain.

Dr. Gleckner also uses this drug cosmetically. Sometimes, patients want to be rid of the fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes or forehead. Sometimes, the patient suffers from a “gummy” smile. In any of these cases, our dentist can use the drug to control and manipulate the muscles around the face to create a more appealing and youthful appearance.

The Botox Process

When a patient requests botox services, Dr. Gleckner will first undergo a consultation with the patient. During the consultation, Dr. Gleckner will review the patient’s medical history, oral health, and overall health. If the patient is an ideal candidate, he will create a customized treatment plan for their needs. Dr. Gleckner considers the patient’s desired results, the symmetry of the face and other factors that may affect the injection. Typically, once the injections take place, the patient is able to go home and continue their daily activities. However, the patient is advised to remain standing up for as many hours as possible and should not touch or massage the area where botox was administered as this can cause the botox to spread to other areas. Patients should also avoid strenuous activity for the next 48 hours. However, there is no healing time required for this procedure.

When Do Patients See Results?

Botox can be used to alleviate various problems. If a patient is using the procedure as a remedy to TMJ issues, the effects are noticeable immediately. As soon as the injections are administered, our patients’ muscle pain immediately disappears and clenching of the teeth subsides.

If a patient is using botox to reduce their salivary flow and correct a drooling problem, Dr. Gleckner will inject the salivary glands directly and within 3 to 4 days, patients notice a huge difference in the amount of saliva they produce. If a patient is using botox injections to get rid of wrinkles, they will notice them disappear as soon as 24 hours after the procedure and they will continue to diminish over the next week.

The results of Botox will last for up to 3 to 4 months. Patients are advised to wait 3 or 4 months between treatments. Over time, the muscles may retain their “paralyzed” status longer and longer, meaning the patient may be able to go longer between sessions. There is also a chance that the patient’s body will develop a resistance to this drug. Lower doses and longer intervals between sessions can prevent this resistance, however.

Botox Injections at Smiles By Dr. Mark

Dr. Gleckner is an experienced dentist who is artful and knowledgeable when it comes to Botox injections in Florham Park, NJ. If you suffer from TMJ disorder, drooling, bruxism or wrinkles around the face, this drug may help. We suggest coming into our office for a consultation with Dr. Gleckner. He will help to answer all your questions and will give you professional advice on whether this drug can help you. For more information on this procedure or to schedule your consultation, visit us at our office or call us today at (973) 377-1174.


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